3 tips for managing the waiting period

The time until you have your baby in your hands can seem incredibly long - and it can then be tough just to wait, and there is nothing you can do. Here's some advice for dealing with the waiting period.

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02. oktober - 2022

Many women and men find the waiting period the most challenging part of a fertility journey. In this article, we've gathered some advice from our experts on how to manage it.

1. Talk to someone who understands

If you don’t know anyone in the same situation, reach out to friends or your network to find other people undergoing fertility treatment. It can make a world of difference.

"Talking to others on a public waiting list has been important. It's difficult for others to relate to, and all the well-meaning comments from family and friends are unhelpful. They mean well, but they don't understand the situation."

Sofie, 32 years old.

2. Try to find peace in the waiting period.

The most challenging period for most people is the two weeks after insemination or egg transfer when you're waiting to find out if the treatment was successful. 73% of women in our survey told us that this was the period when they felt most depressed.

Many women told us they wished there was something they could do to help the process along. The only thing you can do here is - well, wait.

The critical thing to remember here is that you don't know if you'll get pregnant. Therefore, you need to try to find calm in your everyday life and focus on the fact that you have done everything you could.

Most women say that if only they had known they would eventually become pregnant, it would have been easier to get through the waiting period. Keep in mind the majority of women do get pregnant.

3. Find someone to be your confidant in the process.

You will experience many different things that can make you uncomfortable and sad. This could be when a friend or family member gets pregnant, especially if it happens quickly and without treatment interventions. In such a situation, it's good to have someone ready to listen to your feelings - no matter how irrational or unfair you think they may be.

"My friends kept getting pregnant while I was in treatment. I had a tough time finding that joy on their behalf. I wanted to be happy for them - but every single time, it just felt like such a slap in the face. It just felt so frustrating and unfair. The best thing for me was my friend, who supported me and gave me a safe space to talk freely, which meant I had an outlet for those feelings."

Maria, 35 years old.

wawa fertility

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